Analyze Business Data For Free!

When it comes to interactive visualizations of your business data it’s hard to look past Microsoft’s Power BI . Power Bi is available in two formats, desktop and the web-based version known as services,  the good news is both are free! In this blog we will take a quick look at Power BI desktop available as a free download here:

Keep in mind to access Power Bi services(web version , you will need a work or school email address). Once you download and install the desktop version you will begin to see how Power BI provides access to your data and how you can create visualizations of your data . Take a look at the getting started guide video .

Power BI is really a product you need to install and discover on your own.The aim of this blog was to inform my readers that this product exists and is available.

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How Market Leaders Keep Talent

Do you struggle to keep talented employees ? After you put in the time, effort and money to hire the best people possible, you need to ensure you can keep them. Many experts have written books and exit interviews conducted as employers look for the secret to keeping their best employees satisfied.

Salary, retirement plans and vacation benefits are high on the list of why those great employees took the job, but they are not reasons enough to keep them in your employ for the long haul.  Job satisfaction will increase your employee retention rate.  Here are a few strategies that marketplace leaders use to retain their  talent:

Workplace Incentives: How Are Companies Keeping Their Talent?

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